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GoPlay is a lifestyle.  Your life style.  There are billions of us on our planet.  We are all unique.  We all love different things.  We all have a story to tell.  We believe that while we are here we should all, not just chase, but catch the things that make us happy. Do those things with people that mean the most to you while taking care of where it all happens.  Sharing who you are and a little of what you have brings us all closer together.  The happiness of doing what you love with those you love is what gets us through this crazy thing called life. Making t-shirts isn’t going to change the world, but it’s our way of sharing who we are and giving a little back.  

Embrace your uniqueness. 
Strengthen your bonds. 
Share your story.
Life is Calling. 



As partners, Alyssa and Josh are about at opposite as they come.  But as different as they are, they are connected by the yearning for new experiences.  To see what this strange world has to offer.  To get out there and live.  So they decided to take the familiar sound of their parents telling them to “Go play!” and turn it into a mantra to live by.  Venturing out of the small town they call home gives them the inspiration for shirt ideas they can use as a way to bring people together who share the same interests, and those who don’t.  Everyone still needs to let their inner child out to GoPlay. From that mantra, Go Play Gear started as an idea and turned into a way for them to share their passions and encouragement for others to follow their own.



GoPlay designs embrace what moves us and puts it on display for others to see, appreciate, and connect with.  Our gear is hand drawn to be as unique as the individuals wearing them and created to tell life’s stories.  Whatever you do for happiness we want you to share it.

We also care about the planet.  Our goal is to utilize the highest quality apparel available made with materials to help eliminate waste, like those made from recycled plastics and recycled cotton.  Our products come from manufacturers whose goals are to minimize their footprint, too. It may not be 100%, but we hope to get better as we grow and more options become available.  We believe we can create stylish and comfortable apparel while striving to be as sustainable as possible. 



We are all in this together and we want to do our part in giving back.  We pledge to give 10% of each purchase to charities focused on helping our fellow humans and the planet.  We feel that sharing a little with those people and places that need help makes both parties better.  We’ve searched and found charities we feel are doing the most good in their world, whether it’s the ocean, the land, or fellow humans.  The specific charities may change from time to time, but the philosophy will stay the same. 

Look good.  Play good.  Do good.

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